FOD News Roundup – September 3rd, 2016

Wireless Power FOD

Can a stray coin stop your cell phone from charging? Texas Instruments explains how FOD lodged between the transmitter and receptor can prevent wireless devices from receiving an electrical power, in two videos: Wireless Power 101: FOD Introduction and Wireless Power 101: FOD Lab Session.

Image: Texas Instruments (screenshot)


Dropped Cell Phone in Cabins

What happens when you let your smartphone fall into your seat mechanism? It isn’t pretty for your phone or aircraft safety. Aerospace manufacturers are getting smart by designing storage spaces for phone owners flying in premium class.

Image Caption: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay


600,000 Drones?

It’s going to get crowded up there. New applications for certification as a commercial drone pilot are pouring in, after the FAA loosened up requirements. As a result, the agency expects that well over a half-million new UAV’s will take to the skies within a year.

Image Caption: Image: A1C Kirby Turbak, US Air Force


Helicopter vs. Towel

Yes, you can crash a Huey into a mountainside with a dirty piece of rag. A pilot suffered minor injuries during a logging operation after a towel somehow ingested itself into the inlet guide vanes, according to an NTSP investigation of the 2015 incident.

Image Caption: Image: Tendencia/Pixabay


Fuel / Liquid Spill Berms

The FOD Control Corporation now offers custom-designed temporary berms to contain hazardous or environmentally-sensitive spills.

Image Caption: Image: