FOD News Roundup – July 31, 2015

FOD Dust

July 16: The new composite materials used to create light-weight aircraft — such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 — can generate a lot of dust and particulates during the manufacturing process or in MRO facilities. Learn how one shop takes special measures to contain this tiny FOD before it contaminates the entire work area.

Airbus A350 

Cleanroom Gloves

June 25: Is your manufacturing environment so sensitive that you need gloves to handle delicate equipment or goods? Watch these short demonstrations of how to put on cleanroom gloves in either general or sterile environments.

cleanroom gloves 

Dangerous Drones

July 19: In what appears to be either a malicious attempt to spread a wildfire or an incredibly stupid act of negligence, a group of unmanned aerial vehicles harassed a firefighting tanker aircraft in California, forcing it to temporarily abandon efforts to control a massive blaze that destroyed several vehicles on a rural highway.
firefighting aircraft 

New FAA Regulations

July 20: The Federal Aviation Administration is soliciting comments while it considers a proposed rule to tighten regulations for transport category airplanes, such as operating speeds at low altitudes, in order to lessen damage during bird strikes.

aircraft and bird flock 

African Bird Strikes

July 3: Diligent FOD prevention is always cost-effective! Airline operators in Nigeria report that bird strikes at the nation’s airports cost their industry over $180 million per year, blaming negligence by government and regulatory agencies. 


Navy FOD Fighting

July 6: Naval airmen aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington take pride in their aircraft, their maintenance efforts and their silent, thrice-per-day FOD walkdowns. 

USS George Washington 

Moments in FOD History: World War

Check out Learn and Live, a vintage 1943 safety training video for pilots flying for US Army Air Forces during World War Two. Saint Peter and a flight instructor meet at the gates of Heaven to discuss why so many American pilots have recently died from preventable accidents. Complete with plane crashes and explosions with 1940’s style visual effects.

Learn and Live