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FAA: Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management

The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory circular (AC) 150/5210-24 provides provides guidance for developing and managing an airport foreign object debris (FOD) program, including specifications for FOD removal equipment.

FAA: Foreign Object Debris Detection Equipment

The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory circular (AC) 150/5220-24 provides provides guidance for procuring FOD detection equipment.

FAA: Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes

The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory circular (AC) 150/5200-32 discusses the importance of reporting bird and animal strikes on aircraft and how to use the agency’s strike reporting system.

FAA: Hazardous Wildlife Attractants

The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory circular (AC) 150/5200-33 provides guidance for land uses near airports and for airport development projects regarding their potential for attracting wildlife.

FAA: Qualifications for Wildlife Biologist

The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory circular (AC) 150/5200-36 describes professional qualifications for  biologists who conduct wildlife hazard assessments at Part 139 airport and at non-certificated airports funded by the Airport Improvement or Passenger Facility Charge programs.

 Military Aviation Links


United States Air Force FOD Prevention Program

With one of the best FOD programs in the world, it’s worth your time to see how the USAF keeps its critical spaces clean.

Nonprofit Association Links


Flight Safety Foundation

An independent, nonprofit, nonpolitical international organization dedicated to aviation safety.


Maintenance And Ramp Safety Society (MARSS)

A non-profit society dedicated to reducing aviation human error, MARSS offers training courses, videotapes, posters and more to help you stay safe on the operations ramp and in the maintenance shop.

 Corporate Links


Boeing: Foreign Object Debris and Damage Prevention

Boeing article describes elements that make an airport FOD prevention program effective.


Machida Boroscopes

Detect and repair Foreign Object Damage.


Crew Resource Management and Human Factors Training

Safety Courses offered for Flight crews, Flight Attendants, Dispatchers, Maintenance Personnel, or anyone else acting in a support capacity in flight operations. Single-pilot operators will also benefit.