FODNews Roundup – December 3rd, 2017

FOD Crashes Marine Corps Jet

Learn how a 5/16th-inch double hexagon bolt caused a catastrophic engine failure to an AV-8B Harrier jet, the pilot’s response, and the final determination by investigators.


Sky Lanterns Threaten Navigation

The Airports Authority of India is warning authorities that popular events involving the mass release of paper sky lanterns into air poses a safety hazard for aircraft.

Image Source: Romel Frost, Pixabay


Video: Molten FOD Conquers Earth

We kid you not! Watch this massive, accidental overflow at a steel factory. At 44 seconds in, you’ll see what it would look like if space aliens attacked with a FOD cannon.

Image: YouTube Screenshot


Hazardous Material Storage

Keep your hazmat chemicals clean, safe and out of the way with our safety-compliant Justrite® brand storeage cabinets, outdoor lockers and drum sheds.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation