FODNews Roundup – June 3rd, 2018

It’s video month! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these recent entries in the world of FOD prevention.

Alligator Struts Across Florida Airport Runway

Go ahead, you tell him to leave. I’ll wait over here.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot


Behind the scenes with the Airside Operations team

When you take your job seriously, it’s no longer just a job.

Image Caption: YouTube Screenshot


Cargo Ship Loses Containers on route to Sydney

Think you have FOD problems?

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Fabrication debris on glass

DIY way to test if your “Clean” window was contaminated during manufacturing

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Monkey escapes crate at San Antonio Airport

Yes, the alligator has a friend.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Even we’re not sure what to make of this…

Here’s a well-meaning, amateur video promoting FOD safety. Enjoy it for what it is.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Have a FOD problem without a solution?

We’re always researching and developing new products for better FOD control in both airport and manufacturing environments. Bring us your problems and let’s toss around some ideas!

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation