FOD News Roundup – July 3rd, 2019

Did a Bird Strike Crash the Boeing 737?

Investigators believe it “likely” that a strike led to the controversial crash of the Ethiopian Airlines jet in March.

Image Source: Bigstock

Air Force vs Gator

An alligator has made an unexpected appearance on the flight line at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

Image Source: US Air Force

Timelapse Cleaning an Auto Shop

Just for fun, watch a lone shop worker wash down and tidy up his company’s repair garage at superhero speed!

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Free Downloadable Resources

Train your staff and muscle up your FOD program with our free whitepapers, report forms and slideshows.

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FOD News Roundup – May 3rd, 2019

Fresh Approaches to Runway Safety

The Federal Aviation Administration is studying the possible application of three off-the-shelf technologies to airside safety — heated pavements, rumble strips and remote sensing. (Click here for mobile friendly version.) 

Heated Pavement

Image Source: FAA

Building Satellites in Clean Rooms

Airbus Defense and Space used a ISO 8 clean room to build the Solar Orbiter scientific research satellite, which is scheduled to orbit the sun in 2020.

Artist’s Rendering of Solar Orbiter, Copyright: ESA – C. Carreau


Video: F-16 Bird Strike

Watch this graphic footage of a Norwegian Air Force fighter jet experiencing a compressor stall after ingesting a bird into its air intake.

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Comparing Airport Sweeper Technologies

There is no “best” sweeping system, only the most appropriate system for your facility and FOD control program. Read this white paper to understand your options.  

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation

FOD News Roundup – April 3rd, 2019

Auxiliary Power Units Vulnerable to FOD

Until recently APU’s, which start main engines and power avionics and other on-board equipment, have been the neglected child of aircraft systems

Image Source: SrA Olivia Bumpers, USAF

Dust Hazards of 3D Printing

The additive manufacturing process creates an especially dangerous form of FOD — combustible dust clouds in a confined factory space.

Image Source: Lutz Peter (Pixabay)

Military FOD Walk

Watch this trio of videos following a FOD Walk performed for the 2017 Air Show at Moody Air Force Base.

Image Source: Luke Hinkle (YouTube Screenshot)

We have redesigned the FOD-Razor® Airport Runway Sweeper!

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FOD News Roundup – March 3rd, 2019

FOD Grounds New Aircraft Contract

The US Air Force temporarily grounded its new fleet of KC-46 refueling tankers after finding loose tools and debris inside of recently delivered aircraft.

Image Source: USAF Christopher Okula

Australia Releases New Bird Strike Data

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau reports 16,626 bird strikes between 2008 and 2017, with 2017 seeing a record 1,921 incidents.

Image Source: ATSB Graphic

Factory Cleanroom Demonstration

Watch this fascinating video of the Milwaukee Valve Company fabricating an oxygen valve with a thorough debris prevention program that prevents contamination during the manufacturing process

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Tool and Parts Control

Don’t lose your favorite monkey wrench in the avionics housing! Our tools and parts carriers will keep your hardware ready for safe use and storage.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation

FOD News Roundup – February 3rd, 2019

New FOD Rules?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has proposed new rules related to foreign object damage, assessment of surface conditions, runway incursions and related topics.

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Navy Boots Pose FOD Danger

The U.S. Navy’s new work boots have several design problems, including the ability to spread small pebbles and related debris across flight decks.

Image Source: US Navy

Apron Safety in China

Watch this employee training presentation for new ramp agent hires, by Hong Kong International Airport.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Compliance Counts!

Did you know that the FOD-Razor® Airport Runway Sweeper is designed to comply with Federal Aviation Administration advisory guidelines for friction mat sweepers? Contact us for more information.

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FOD News Roundup – January 3rd, 2019

Challenges of Regulating Small Drones

Why are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles so difficult to regulate, and why are there so few documented cases of accidents involving UAV’s?

Image Source: Goh Rhy Yan

Farewell, Piper

Piper the airport dog, famous on social media for wearing googles while chasing birds away from Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, has passed away.

Image Source: Cherry Capital Airport K9

Now that’s clean!

If you’re a facilities manager looking for inspiration, check out this short video of a spotless wig-making factory in the Philippines.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Keep your Work Wear FOD Free

Our FOD Suits have no pockets, zippers, buttons or ties, so there’s nothing to break off and no way to carry loose items that can turn into debris.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation

FOD News Roundup – December 3rd, 2018

Baggage Handlers and FOD

From broken booze bottles and missing tags to the 20-foot bag toss, find out how ramp agents manage suitcases, FOD-related and otherwise.

Image Source: Bonnie Henderson/Pixabay


Drones More Dangerous Than Birds

When the University of Dayton Research Institue’s (UDRI) Impact Physical Group test-fired both a drone and a gel bird into an aircraft wing, the impact results were surprising.

Image Source: University of Dayton


FOD Walk Rap

Hip Hop your way across the apron to keep it clean of debris with this music video.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

It’s never too early to prepare!

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FOD News Roundup – November 3rd, 2018

FOD Control: First Rung on a Career Ladder

A security guard at Wheeler Downtown Airport took a pay cut to collect FOD and patrol fences. It’s how he’s getting his foot in the door.

Image Source: Pixabay


665 Bird Strikes in the US, 2015 – 2017

Over a three year period, hundreds of encounters caused $3.7 million worth of damage, three deaths and eight injuries.

Image Source: Bigstock


747 vs. Ground Vehicle

Show your GSE drivers this extensive impact damage to the engine of a Boeing 747 at Schiphol Airport. That should keep them driving safely.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

FOD Control at the GSE Expo

:We had a great time in Las Vegas this year, discussing ground safety programs with airfield operators from all over the world. See you next time in 2020!

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation

FODNews Roundup – September 3rd, 2018

New FAA Wildlife Guidelines

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued new guidelines prioritizing various types of wildlife that should be kept off the runway.

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VIDEO: 3RD Wing FOD Manager

Take a tour with a United States Air Force career sergeant as he inspects maintenance shops for tool control, to keep its military aircraft safe.

Image Caption: YouTube Screenshot


FOD Damages US Fighter Jets

A US Navy F-35C suffered $2 million worth of engine damage during refueling operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.

Image Source: US Navy

The FOD-Razor® “Mark 2”

: Released earlier this year, our upgraded design includes sturdier mat materials, streamlined tow hitching and an operator-enabled safety release.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation

FODNews Roundup – June 3rd, 2018

It’s video month! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these recent entries in the world of FOD prevention.

Alligator Struts Across Florida Airport Runway

Go ahead, you tell him to leave. I’ll wait over here.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot


Behind the scenes with the Airside Operations team

When you take your job seriously, it’s no longer just a job.

Image Caption: YouTube Screenshot


Cargo Ship Loses Containers on route to Sydney

Think you have FOD problems?

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Fabrication debris on glass

DIY way to test if your “Clean” window was contaminated during manufacturing

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Monkey escapes crate at San Antonio Airport

Yes, the alligator has a friend.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Even we’re not sure what to make of this…

Here’s a well-meaning, amateur video promoting FOD safety. Enjoy it for what it is.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Have a FOD problem without a solution?

We’re always researching and developing new products for better FOD control in both airport and manufacturing environments. Bring us your problems and let’s toss around some ideas!

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