FODNews Roundup – April 3rd, 2018

Auxiliary Power Unites Vulnerable to FOD

Until recently APU’s, which start main engines and power avionics and other on-board equipment, have been neglected child of aircraft systems.

Image Credit: SrA Olivia Bumpers, USAF


Dust Hazards of 3D Printing

The additive manufacturing process creates an especially dangerous form of FOD – combustible dust clouds in a confined factory space.

Image Credit: Lutz Peter (Pixabay)


Military FOD Walk

Watch this trio of videos following a FOD Walk performed for the 2017 Air Show at Moody Air Force Base.

Image Credit: Luke Hinkle (YouTube Screenshot)

We have redesigned the FOD-Razor® Airport Runway Sweeper!

Featuring a new built-in “hitch and forget” weight-release mechanism, streamlined hitching setup, and durable nylon fiber matting. Contact us for more information.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation