FOD News Roundup – August 3rd, 2016

FOD Tips from the NTSB

An AA-5B prop plane brought down by paint chips? If you're an aircraft mechanic, read this Safety Alert from the National Transportation Safety Board. Includes recommended practice for controlling FOD during MRO activities, a collection of failure examples and a list of informative links.

Image: Shop rags in compressor case. Source:


Video: Medical Cleanroom

Take a walk through Brentwood Industry’s 12,000 square foot ISO Class 7 cleanroom at its Reading, Pennsylvania manufacturing plant, with custom thermoforming, injection molding, airlock entrance to maintain air pressurization, dedicated gowning room, and a segregated material loading bay.

Image Source: YouTube (screenshot)


Wet Pavement Safety

Don’t you just hate it when your airliner skids across a rain-soaked runway and into the nearest control tower? Starting in October, the Federal Aviation Administration will require that federally-obligated airports use the new TALPA procedures to assess the safety of runways that are not dry. Review these online resources for improving air operations during inclement weather.

Image Source: Federal Aviation Administration


Great Flocks of Drones?

The United Kingdom is confronting a surge in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), which nearly collided with manned aircraft more often in the first six months of 2016 than during all of 2015. British authorities are trying to assess the potential dangers of a drone strike, as compared to the more common bird strike.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

New! FOD Bags Available Online

OK, you've dutifully picked some FOD off the ground. Now what do you do with it? These rugged FOD Bags offer a flexible, portable and lightweight place to store found debris for later disposal.

Image Source: The FOD Control Corporation